Woman hates germs so much she has to rent out a supermarket to do the food shop

A woman said she rents out the store for one hour per week and allows only one employee to be in there while her family goes shopping – but they must wear a full hazmat suit and face shield

A woman has revealed that she rents out an entire supermarket to avoid ‘germy people’.

Emma, from the US, explained that she and her husband, Lucas, would rent the supermarket to themselves for one hour per week so they could do their food shop in peace.

The married couple post about their life and their baby daughter Crete on their TikTok account ( @ itsacretelife ) where they addressed their germ-free lifestyle.

Not only do the couple not go on holiday, go to restaurants or go to other people’s houses, they refuse to shop at the supermarket with other shoppers.

“We do go shopping just like everybody else, we are normal people.

“We are actually pretty well off, we use it to our advantage.

“We actually rent out a grocery store for one hour, one day a week before they open.

“We have paid the grocery store to sanitize everything and let us be the only people in there shopping so we don’t have to be in there shopping with other germy people.

“And we also do this so that Crete can have real life experiences.

“So yes, we do go shopping, we’re not crazy, we’re just like everybody else.”

For those wondering how much it costs to rent out an entire supermarket, Emma admitted she wouldn’t do it if she wasn’t well off.

She explained: “Let’s just say we wouldn’t be renting out the grocery store if we weren’t rich.

“It is pretty pricey.

“It would actually be cheaper to rent it out after they closed in the evenings but that doesn’t fit our schedule.

“We only allow one employee in there to bring us out at the end and they have to wear a full hazmat suit and a face shield the entire time.”

Many TikTokers were intrigued by what the couple do for work to be able to afford their personal shopping experiences.

She said: “We got rich off a lottery ticket Luke won when he was 19.

“Between that and wise investing we don’t have to work.

“We spend our time making a nice life for Crete… building her a huge playground, travelling in Crete’s camper etc.”

When asked ‘What is something your germophobic family does differently than others?’, she explained: “We are NOT germaphobic…we just don’t like germs.

“We don’t use public restrooms (gross).

“And we don’t stay at hotels.

“Or go to other people’s homes.”

But that’s not to say that they don’t visit their families.

Emma explained that they “distanced, germ-free visits in outdoor locations” because “even family carries germs.”

Many users struggled to believe what they were seeing, with a few people asking whether she was actually an employee of their local supermarket.

In response to the comment, Emma posted a video of the empty store.