Mum rejected a job offer on my behalf then said I didn’t get it – I’m furious’

A man was outraged after his mum secretly rejected a job offer on his behalf then told him he didn’t get the role, in an effort to make sure he didn’t move away from her

A man was outraged after his mother secretly rejected a job offer on his behalf then told him he didn’t get it – because she didn’t want him to move away from home.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that taking the job would mean he had to move away from his mum or dad, but he was keen to start his career.

He was waiting to hear back about a recent interview, for his ‘dream job’, but after some time had passed he sensibly assumed the worst and moved on, then spoke to his dad about other roles.

The man’s dad said he thought that he had got the other job, and that the company had called and spoke to his mum a few days earlier – and when confronted she confessed.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “After not hearing back from them, I assumed I didn’t get the job and while disappointed I decided to move on and focus on college. I called my dad a couple of days ago and we got chatting about jobs and I told him how I moved on from the job, to which he responded ‘but you got the job didn’t you?’

“I sat there in confused silence for a moment before he proceeded to tell me that they had called last week and my mum had spoken to them. She then apparently told my dad I had decided not to take the job.

“I didn’t say anything to my dad and I hung up a few minutes later to call my mum. Very angrily I confronted her and she admitted that she turned down the offer on my behalf because she didn’t want me to leave.

“She then said that I couldn’t have cared that much about the job because I’d gotten over not getting it.

“I completely blew up at her and we haven’t spoken since. My dad’s asked me to reach out to her as he thinks it’s time to forgive her but I’m still really angry.”

After sharing his story online, other Reddit users commented their opinion and said that the man was right to be angry.

One said: “Try calling the company and explaining what happened, see if they’ll give you a chance.”

While another added: “She had no right to make that decision for you. It’s you who applied, and you who interviewed. I’d be p****d, too.”

And another wrote: “She lied to your employer in order to keep you close, but pushed you further away at the same time.

“This was nothing she had a choice in or control over.”