Woman orders 6ft Christmas tree but is in hysterics when single branch arrives

A woman who claims to have ordered a fix-foot Christmas tree online was left in hysterics after she received a “branch” instead.

Paulette Alexander shelled out £30 for the tree from the online store, Uakie, after being impressed by a Facebook advert.

A video of the all singing all dancing tree came up on her feed, showing a woman setting up the tree by herself, using just a remote control – and it only took five minutes.

The “self-growing tree” tree also looked as if it had lights pre-installed, so they could be changed at the click of a button.

Paulette, 49, from Weymouth, Dorset, was so impressed by the simple set-up, that she purchased the tree from the retailer tree straight away.

But when she received the package she got quite a shock.

Instead of the ‘fabulous’ bushy tree that she was expecting, she claims she opened the parcel to find a single branch.

Paulette posted a picture of a sad-looking branch on her sofa on Facebook, where she wrote: “I ordered a 6ft Christmas tree and that’s what I got.

“I contacted the company and they said they sent me a tree like for like.

“They must’ve taken a twig off the tree and thought I would be happy.”

According to Deadline News, Paulette had wanted to make this Christmas extra special as her partner is going into hospital to have brain surgery.

She told the publication that once she’d purchased the item, the money came straight out of her account and she also received an email with her tracking number.

But it turns out it might not have even been the right tracking number, she said, as Hermes claimed they had delivered the tree even though she never received it.

Uakie has yet to issue Paulette a full refund. The store has also removed Christmas trees from its website.

Uakie has been contacted for comment.