Sega says its ‘Super Game’ won’t be Microsoft-exclusive

When Sega announced that it was working with Microsoft on a “Super Game” initiative, some may have worried that working with a console manufacturer implied some kind of exclusivity deal. Sega recently dampened those concerns in a fiscal results presentation. We still don’t really know what Super Game is, though.

In its results presentation for the fiscal year ending March 2022, Sega clarified its earlier announced partnership with Microsoft on its mysterious Super Game. Sega isn’t planning to use Azure to make games exclusively for Microsoft, but rather to use their technology so that Super Game will be “delivered to the world together, with their technical support.” Presumably, that means whatever Super Game is, it won’t be exclusive to Xbox and Windows.

Sega pointed out that it has outsourced the development of Microsoft’s large-scale games in the past (though without mentioning specific titles) and that it has a close relationship with Microsoft. Sega said the Redmond giant was sympathetic to its vision of Super Game.

No one is even really sure if Super Game refers to just one title, as Sega seems to interchangeably use the word “game” in the singular and plural when referencing the project. Previously, Sega suggested Super Game will be a new way of developing games for a wider global reach, using next-generation technology. It could mean a new type of online game, or it could simply mean a cloud-based method of streamlining game development to meet the challenges of making games for the latest generation of platforms.

In any case, Sega’s comments make it seem as if Microsoft isn’t using Azure to attach developers or products exclusively to its own platforms specifically.