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Young Faculty Show Great Interest in ELECTRI Investigation Opportunities
As of July 21, 2018

Published on: 
June 13, 2017

Young faculty members from research institutions in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan have entered project proposals for ELECTRI International’s Early Career Awards competition. The ELECTRI Program Review Committee selected three young professors who will join the ELECTRI Council at its July meeting in Boston to present their research concepts. The proposed projects include:

Augmented Reality Visualization for Prefabrication of Electrical Systems, Steven K. Ayer, Arizona State University

Marketing Electrical Apprenticeship Opportunities with Content Targeted Toward Recruiting Women, Heidi Wagner, University of Wisconsin

Development of Building Energy Efficiency Design Guidelines For Renovation Projects, Kasim Korkmaz, Eastern Michigan University

The Council will make its selection and recommendation at the Council meeting. ELECTRI will then grant $9,000 for each project selected.