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Purdue Launches its Student Passport Project
As of June 25, 2018

Published on: 
December 3, 2014

In July 2014, the ELECTRI Council selected two university NECA Student Chapters for awards of up to $20,000 each to design and construct projects that will bring electricity to an under-served area. This first report, filed by Purdue University’s team president, Nicholas Bogucki, describes the team’s progress to date on its project for the Lidia Saavedra de Ortega, a health care facility for the elderly located in the small neighborhood of San Sebastian in Managua, Nicaragua.

The Purdue team is maintaining close contact with the clinic, local supplier, and governmental jurisdictions to ensure everyone is aware of the project launch and that all necessary paper work is completed. The team has grown from its original composition and now includes a Purdue electrician, another professor who has vast field experience especially in structural components, and one more student. The team took this step in order to have another set of eyes to scope out the electrical work and to ensure proper practices are performed with reference to the structural components.

During December, several Purdue team members will make a preliminary visit to Managua in order to inspect the clinic, gather necessary information regarding the electrical and structural infrastructure, and coordinate with the local supplier. This visit became necessary when the team determined that no building or construction documents are available from the clinic itself.

Project implementation and delivery will take place during the 2015 spring semester between the mid-March spring break and mid-May. To bring maximum attention to the project, the team is reaching out to newspapers in each of their local hometowns and at Purdue.

For additional information on next year’s Student Passport opportunities, contact Sylvia Selwood at ELECTRI International or 301-215-4539.