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Long Electric Sums It Up - Research and Talent
As of June 25, 2018

Published on: 
October 27, 2014

Long Electric Company, Napa, CA, has joined the ELECTRI Council at the $100,000 Founder level. In announcing his company's commitment, Greg Long (founder and owner) explains why he considers the investment in ELECTRI to be vital for his company and for the industry as a whole.

Greg Long, Long Electric"I know how important 'looking ahead' is for our company and for the industry. We need strong research and we need well-educated talent. The ELECTRI Council is one of the best and most inclusive industry groups with whom I have ever worked." 

Long Electric, a family-owned firm, has a significant project portfolio in Biotech, hospitals, Public Work and Data Centers. Long noted, "We also do many projects with our local wineries and schools, plus commercial and industrial work." 

Greg Long has been the representative to the Council for the Electrical Contractors Trust of Solano & Napa Counties and has also served as chair for ELECTRI's Program Review Committee

He comments on what he sees ELECTRI accomplishing in the coming years: "I am impressed by ELECTRI's Talent Initiative and with our ongoing research and hope for even more results that can help our firms with issues like Productivity, Pre-fab, Portability and Change Orders. ELECTRI's international outreach keeps us vibrant and forward-thinking. My personal goal will be to make sure that many more companies in our industry understand ELECTRI's value and make the decision that I did - to support it fully by joining the Council."

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