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LLD Electric Co. Joins The ELECTRI Council
As of June 25, 2018

Published on: 
June 9, 2016

LLD Electric Co., headquartered in Guernee, Illinois, recently announced its $100,000 Founder commitment to ELECTRI International. Tom Morton, CEO, explained the decision to join.

“Our company started in 1997 with a group of experienced electricians who saw a void developing in the electrical contracting business. Commercial/industrial contractors were specializing to such a degree that customers no longer knew whom to call to fix a problem or who would take responsibility for a project.  Using our industry experience, our team wanted customers to be treated respectfully from project conception to completion with on-time, on-budget expertise.” 

Morton spoke about the link he sees between LLD and ELECTRI. “Our firm’s hallmark - teamwork, reliability and excellence – is exactly what I see in the Foundation. The ELECTRI Council works hard to create programs that will educate the EC industry on new technologies and trends. For example, if we want to have an “edge” as we compete for work, we need to know more than how to install LED lighting. We need to be able to explain what government incentives are available to our customers and how we can help them manage their electrical needs and usage. I believe that management education is critical and ELECTRI must do even more in this arena.”  

Tom Morton has served as Chair, Lake County Division, Northeastern Illinois Chapter – NECA, and as a member of NECA’s Political Leadership Council. During his 18 years at the helm, LLD has successfully completed projects totaling close to $71 million. For additional information, visit