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IT - Advantages and Challenges for Line Contractors
As of June 25, 2018

Published on: 
February 5, 2015

Line contractors face significant challenges whether repairing or expanding the electricity grid to make it more productive, cost-effective and smarter, or installing new and sometimes complex renewable-energy sources. Line contractors address these challenges under unique operating conditions, making it more difficult both to share project performance information and to communicate with other project team members.

Information Technology (IT) can offer solutions to deal with some of these challenges. However, the successful selection and adoption of IT requires planning and the execution of a performance evaluation plan.

This Early Career Award research study, funded by ELECTRI International, focused on identifying the requirements of efficient information technology systems for line electrical contractors. The report Information Technology for Line Electrical Contractors, was prepared by University of New Mexico Assistant Professor Vanessa Valentin, Ph.D. The research provides guidelines on ways that line electrical contractors can evaluate and implement IT applications. The report outlines the challenges and benefits of several IT applications and potential obstacles to implementation. The report also provides a link between different types of IT applications and best practices that have been previously identified for line electrical contractors.

The report is available from ELECTRI International in PDF format and can be downloaded at