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Illinois Chapter Now at Champion Level
As of June 25, 2018

Published on: 
January 13, 2015

The Illinois Chapter – NECA recently increased its investment in ELECTRI International by $50,000. This brings the Chapter to a total of $200,000 at the Champion level of the ELECTRI Council.

ELECTRI spoke with Chapter Governor Wes Anderson (Anderson Electric Inc.) and Chapter President Terry Buhs (Wegman Electric Company) to learn more about the Chapter’s decision.

Terry Buhs explained that the Illinois Chapter has a very diverse membership and covers a large territory. He noted, “We feel ELECTRI International is important to our industry – the whole industry. We had a long discussion about this with our Board. Credit for the decision to commit additional funding for research goes to the Board and our members.” Wes Anderson commented about the way that the Illinois Chapter members make use of ELECTRI research and educational opportunities. He stated, “I would describe many of our Chapter members as progressive. They want to take advantage of new ideas, new ways of doing business. The ELECTRI research results are very helpful to those smart enough to use the recommendations.”

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