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Full House for Green Energy Challenge Final Presentations
As of July 21, 2018

Published on: 
October 31, 2017

The room was filled with contractors - translate potential employers - all there to watch and hear from the three finalist teams for ELECTRI International's Green Energy Challenge. Each NECA Student Chapter team presented its energy retrofit proposal, complete with slides and graphics, and then fielded questions from ELECTRI's panel of judges.  

After scoring the three teams for both content and presentation, the jury selected Iowa State University as the 2017 Challenge winner.  Second place went to the University of Washington and third place was awarded to the University of Toronto

The jury paid close attention to the professionalism and presentation skills of each member of each team. Marcelious Wyatt, representing Iowa State, won the award for Best Presenter for 2017.

Another part of the GEC activities was the Poster Competition. All of the Student Chapters that had entered the competition were encouraged to offer a poster presentation of their project. Following a round of reviewing and judging, Ball State University won this year’s Poster Competition. 

ELECTRI extends its thanks to all of the NECA Student Chapter teams, faculty advisors, NECA Chapter members, and ELECTRI jurists who helped make this year’s competition more exciting and better than ever.