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ELECTRI International Releases Two New Publications
As of August 15, 2018

Published on: 
May 25, 2018

ELECTRI International has published two new reports: Quality in Construction – Improving Productivity and Rework by Establishing a Built-in-Quality (BIQ) Program and Best Practices for Electrical Contractors.   

The BIQ research, conducted by Professor Lonny Simonian, California Polytechnic State University, offers a new method in construction that uses a real-time, interactive process to increase quality and reduce rework.  A BIQ program focuses on the initial stages of a quality process by first identifying customer expectations, converting these expectations into requirements, developing design operations, and then performing the work. 

This ELECTRI report will help electrical contractors establish a BIQ process to mitigate loss of labor productivity associated with quality issues. Contractors will also be able to develop ways to outline common BIQ standard procedures and best practices that are independently applicable to any project without the need for full company (or contractor) adoption.  The publication includes a template that can be downloaded and customized to meet the needs of each EC. It also includes sample records and checklist forms that users can download and configure.

The second publication, Best Practices for Electrical Contractors is the result of a 2017 Early Career Award given to Dr. Brian Lines, University of Kansas. This study included a national survey that identified the top seven most effective change management practices recommended by NECA contractors.  The interviews collected lessons learned and tangible examples of organizational change adoption. ELECTRI anticipates the results will help guide many NECA contractors to position themselves as “Early Adopters” who are better able to achieve successful and more profitable outcomes after implementing organizational change initiatives.

Both PDF-format reports are available free of charge on the ELECTRI International website: .