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ELECTRI and 3M - A Strong Connection
As of June 25, 2018

Published on: 
November 13, 2014

3M Company, a major global presence familiar to all, has made a $100,000 investment in ELECTRI International and is now a Founder member of the ELECTRI Council.

Daniel J. McGurran, Global Business Director, 3M Electrical Markets DivisionDaniel J. McGurran, Global Business Director for 3M’s Electrical Markets Division, recently spoke with ELECTRI about the ways that 3M anticipates connecting with ELECTRI.

ELECTRI: Our Foundation has been serving the electrical construction industry for more than 25 years. What made the timing “right” for 3M to join our effort?

Daniel McGurran: There are several factors. 3M has some new sales and marketing leadership in our division and we are carefully evaluating our strategy. Second, as we became aware of several industry organizations with which we might become more involved, we recognized that ELECTRI International’s mission and vision aligns perfectly with the strategic objectives of 3M.

ELECTRI: Is there a particular part of our agenda that caught your attention?

McGurran: We had been talking with colleagues at Graybar and they encouraged us to look closely at the way that involvement with ELECTRI is a win-win. At 3M, our focus starts with the customer and market. The better we understand market trends and customer pain, the better we can prioritize our investments to solve these challenges. In my role at 3M, I am responsible for business strategy for the global electrical markets. Working with ELECTRI International will help us to understand the future needs and trends of the industry and to be able to recognize the “pain” that electrical construction companies go through when trying to find solid solutions that will improve their operations and results. This will help guide our R&D investments and solution development to help electricians and electrical contractors succeed.

ELECTRI: 3M highlights its corporate theme as ‘Innovative Technology for a Changing World’. How does your mandate fit with ELECTRI’s own focus on research and education?

McGurran: We respect the research initiatives that ELECTRI has accomplished with top researchers at the best universities. Here’s how we can add to it. We describe ourselves as a science-based company and we invest more than $1.5 billion on R & D. I am confident that our resources and facilities can be leveraged to help ELECTRI take on projects that might require an additional “reach”. For example, at our St. Paul facility, we have more than 4,000 scientists focused on R & D, including 1,000 PhDs. As appropriate, their talent, as well as our facilities, can benefit ELECTRI’s agenda and the industry as a whole.  

ELECTRI: Through our Cross Border Meetings and our Student Passport Initiative, ELECTRI is working hard to enhance its international presence. Is that part of our work of interest to 3M?

McGurran: Of course. We’re truly global, with sales in more than 200 countries, subsidiaries in 70, and manufacturing in 40. 3M was one of the first US corporations to enter the market in China and Japan. 3M has a very prominent global footprint and expertise that can benefit the International priority for ELECTRI. Also interesting is that despite our global presence, we are a net EXPORTER of goods and services from the United States.

ELECTRI: You’ve articulated a number of ways that you see ELECTRI and 3M working together. Is there one word that defines this new relationship?

McGurran: Perspective. Our company brings to the table its wide-ranging experience improving every company, home and life. The members of the ELECTRI Council bring their perspective on what works now for their businesses and what they need going forward. My defined role at 3M is strategy, not sales. Gaining perspective on the future of electrical markets will help me direct our own R & D in a very strategic manner. 

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