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Early Career Award Named for Thomas E. Glavinich
As of August 15, 2018

Published on: 
July 31, 2014

Thomas E. Glavinich, D.E., P.E., a faculty member in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas, died in April 2014 after a lengthy battle with cancer. 

Well-known to the ELECTRI International community, Tom was among the first academic researchers to receive an ELECTRI grant in the early 1990s and his investigative studies continued to be among the most outstanding projects accepted for ELECTRI research over the next 20 years. 

Tom was especially enthusiastic about the opportunities ELECTRI offers for young faculty members and outstanding students to engage with the Foundation. He was a strong supporter of ELECTRI's Early Career Awards and encouraged faculty from universities across the country to bring their most creative ideas to the table for this annual competition. 

To honor Tom's memory, ELECTRI International has established a fund through which friends and colleagues may contribute to support a named Early Career Award. The first contribution received for this initiative has come from the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association. ELECTRI extends its thanks to the members of the CECA Board for their generosity.

Each year, the recipient selected by the ELECTRI Council will be designated as the Thomas Glavinich Fellow. For 2014, the top Early Career Award selected by the ELECTRI Council is Using BIM to Conduct Feasibility Analysis of Pre-fab & Modularization, to be researched by Rogelio Palomera-Arias, University of Texas at San Antonio. He has been named the first Thomas E Glavinich Fellow.