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Acuity Brands Drives Industry Transformation
As of June 24, 2018

Published on: 
December 5, 2014

Earlier this year, Acuity Brands joined the ELECTRI Council as a $100,000 Founder. ELECTRI recently sat down with George McIlwraith, Senior Vice President - Sales, and Dennis Noyce, Vice President-Strategic Accounts, to get their perspective on the growing relationship between Acuity and the Foundation.

ELECTRI: What trends and events do you see coming for the electrical construction industry?

George McIlwraith: Our industry is experiencing significant technological changes. The rise of LED lighting, related controls and electronic components is creating a digital transformation. Like other products and industries, we’re moving rapidly to create “smart lighting” solutions with advanced capabilities that connect to other building systems. Our customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and looking to take full advantage of the new technology.

Dennis Noyce: And all this is happening in tandem with state and national changes in electrical codes and regulations. So, we’re seeing an impact on energy consumption, safety and other related areas. It’s a remarkable time for our industry.

ELECTRI: How does that transformation relate to the electrical contractors themselves?

McIlwraith: These trends impact electrical contractors in multiple ways. As lighting systems become more sophisticated in what they can do, contractors will be expected to keep pace to address layout, installation, commissioning and other aspects of an application. Controls, whether straightforward occupancy sensors to more complex network solutions, will become the norm. Just look at California Title 24 legislation. Contractors have to be both efficient and knowledgeable in this complex environment.

Noyce: We know that ELECTRI International’s mandate is to conduct research that improves business for contractors. Acuity brings extensive thought leadership to the Council table. We want to work with ELECTRI Council contractors, our other industry allies, and the investigators who – together – are leading the way in professional development.

ELECTRI: The Talent Initiative is a growing and very successful part of ELECTRI’s agenda. We know that Acuity is closely involved with technology-focused educational institutions. How do you see Acuity’s involvement in our work with students across the country?

Noyce: Developing new talent and professional development is critical and we support ELECTRI’S focus on this issue. Being involved with ELECTRI’s programs such as the Green Energy Challenge will bring bright, young talent to our attention and will help make students across the country more aware of the wide variety of options open to them in an exciting world. 

About Acuity Brands
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