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2016 Green Energy Challenge is Well on its Way
As of June 25, 2018

Published on: 
February 3, 2016

ELECTRI International’s 2016 Green Energy Challenge Competition has launched with entries from 15 NECA Student Chapters.

The 2016 teams have been challenged to design an energy upgrade for a school facility (K-12) in their community. It must include the design of a small-scale PV system that will serve as a teaching and learning tool for students.  The challenge places an emphasis on detailed technical solutions for proposed systems, including lighting retrofit and integrated window treatments/controls, detailed design of 4-5kW PV system based on system specifications, and the re-design of an energy efficiency upgrade to the facility that responds to the unique needs of the building and climate.  Teams will be expected to develop efforts to support the engagement of teachers and students in the building and in energy and sustainability education. 

Entries are judged for ELECTRI by a volunteer panel of leading electrical contractors and industry partners. If interested in serving on the 2016 jury, please contact Deborah Halpern, Director of Operations & University Relations for ELECTRI International at 301-215-4539 or  Prospective jury members can review the competition’s 2016 Request for Proposals at GEC Rules and Regulations.