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Workshops & Seminars
As of June 24, 2018

When the electrical construction industry gathers for its national meeting, ELECTRI researchers are frequently invited to discuss their projects or to run workshops and seminars based on their ELECTRI research findings.

For NECA’s 2012 National Convention, education seminars sponsored by ELECTRI’s research included:  

  • The Economic Costs of Restricting the Portability of Electrical Workers, Justin Reginato, California State University, Sacramento
  • Customer Side Smart Grid Installations – Preparing for the Future, Thomas Korman and Lonny Simonian, Cal Poly State University San Luis Obsipo
  • Change Order Protocol, Matt Syal, Michigan State University and Giovianni Marcelli, Founder of Accubid Systems
  • Involvement of Electrical Contractors in Integrated Project Delivery, Mehmet Egemen Ozbek, Colorado State University

ELECTRI invites researchers to conduct educational workshops at ELECTRI Council meetings throughout the year. Council members learn more about the projects they have selected for funding. In return, they help the researcher to focus on specific problems the industry is facing.