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Targeted Contributions

As of June 24, 2018

As of June 24, 2018

Some companies and organizations prefer to target their financial commitment by giving to a particular program or project. ELECTRI International appreciates the ongoing support from the electrical industry and from other construction-related foundations that recognize the industry-wide importance and value of ELECTRI’s agenda.

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Direct Grants

Direct Grants

  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America
  • Akron Area Electrical JATC
  • American Line Builders Chapter, NECA
  • Associated General Contractors of America
  • Atlanta Chapter NECA
  • Chapel Electric Co., LLC
  • Cleveland Electrical JATC
  • Cleveland Electric Company
  • Collins Electric
  • Connecticut Chapter NECA
  • Contra Costa Electrical Industry Trust
  • Dakotas Chapter NECA
  • Des Moines Electrical JATC
  • Detroit Electrical JATC
  • Dillard Smith Construction Company
  • Edison Electric Institute
  • Edward G. Sawyer Co., Inc.
  • Electrical Contractors Trust of Alameda County
  • ERMCO Electrical & Communications Contractors
  • Finger Lakes New York Chapter NECA
  • Finishing Contractors Association
  • Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association
  • Graybar
  • Hartford Electricians JATC
  • Hudson Valley Chapter NECA
  • J. M. Electrical Company, Inc.
  • Kansas City Chapter NECA
  • Long Island Chapter NECA
  • Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
  • Mechanical Contracting Education and Research Foundation, MCAA
  • Metro Electrical JATC, Portland, OR
  • Miller Electric Company
  • Milwaukee Chapter NECA
  • Missouri Valley Line Constructors Chapter, NECA
  • MYR Group, Inc.
  • National Association of Electrical Distributors Education and Research Foundation
  • National Insulation Association
  • National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • National Roofing Foundation, NRCA
  • National Subcontractors Alliance
  • National Utility Contractors Association
  • New Horizons Foundation, SMACNA
  • Northern California Chapter NECA
  • Northern New Jersey Chapter NECA
  • Northwest Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • O'Connell Electric Company, Inc.
  • Ohio/Michigan Chapter NECA
  • Oregon-Columbia Chapter NECA
  • Phalcon
  • Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association
  • Red Top Electric Company
  • Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts Chapter NECA
  • Sacramento Area Electrical JATC
  • San Diego County Chapter NECA
  • San Joaquin Valley Chapter NECA
  • Santa Clara County Electrical JATC
  • Santa Clara Valley Chapter NECA
  • South Central Minnesota Electrical JATC
  • South Florida Chapter NECA
  • Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Southwestern Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Southwire Company LLC
  • St. Louis Chapter NECA
  • Topeka Electrical JATC
  • Washington, D.C. Electrical JATC
  • Western Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Western Pennsylvania Chapter NECA
Emerson Hamilton Scholarship Fund

Emerson Hamilton Scholarship Fund

  • Alaska Chapter NECA
  • Cascade Chapter NECA
  • Edward G. Sawyer Company, Inc.
  • Holmes Electric Company
  • Max N. Landon, McCoy Electric
  • Long Island Chapter NECA
  • Miller Electric Construction, Inc.
  • Oregon-Columbia Chapter NECA
  • Oregon Pacific-Cascade Chapter NECA
  • Patraba Electrical Systems
  • Puget Sound Chapter NECA
  • Schultheis/TSB, Inc.
  • Sidney Electric Company
  • Southern Contracting Company
  • Southwest Washington Chapter NECA
  • VEC, Inc.
  • Wisconsin Chapter NECA
Transmission & Distribution Enterprise

Transmission & Distribution Enterprise

  • Alterman, Inc.
  • American Line Builders Chapter NECA
  • Cooper Crouse-Hinds
  • Cooper Lighting
  • E2E Summit
  • Eaton
  • Lighthouse Electrical Group
  • M. J. Electric, LLC
  • MCA, Inc.
  • McCormick Systems, Inc.
  • Michels Corporation
  • Miller Electric Construction, Inc.
  • Milwaukee Tool Corporation
  • Missouri Valley Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Mona Electric Group, Inc.
  • Northeastern Line Constructors NECA
  • Walter T. Parkes, O'Connell Electric
  • Patraba Electrical Systems
  • Potelco, Inc.
  • Schultheis Electric/TSB Inc.
  • Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Sprig Electric Company, Inc.
  • Thomas & Betts Corporation
  • Werner Company
  • Western Line Constructors Chapter NECA
Chris Schoolcraft Memorial Education Fund

Chris Schoolcraft Memorial Education Fund

  • Boggs Electric Company
  • Wayne Brinkmeyer, Britain Electric Company
  • Robert Corbo, Corbo Electric Company
  • Francis J. "Bud" Hoch, Industrial Electric Company
  • Kansas Chapter NECA
  • L & O Electric
  • North Texas Chapter NECA
  • Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter, NECA
  • Oklahoma Chapter NECA
  • J. T. Osborn, NECA
  • Shawver and Son, Inc.
  • The Superior Group
Thomas E. Glavinich Memorial Fund

Thomas E. Glavinich Memorial Fund

  • Canadian Electrical Contractors Association