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As of June 24, 2018

Adam Rude is a NECA Student Chapter success story. While at Purdue University, Adam served as Treasurer for the NECA Student Chapter. Adam had two internships. HisLos Angeles experience included “hands-on” with projects forDisneyland and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Adam’s second internship with ERMCO led to a full-time position in the company’s Construction Services Department following his graduation.

"My involvement in the Purdue NECA Student Chapter was invaluable as I prepared for my career in the electrical construction industry. Being at the NECA National Convention put me in contact with electrical contractors across the country and gave me the chance to land an internship in Los Angeles. Working on projects for that company meant real-life experiences that I would never have had sitting in a classroom. Being an intern prepared me for my current career and it was fun, too."

Alex Entler first heard about the NECA Student Chapter at Oregon State University when a NECA representative came to talk to his freshman electrical engineering class. As a construction management major, it sparked Alex’s interest, so he decided to attend a NECA Student Chapter meeting. On the spot, he submitted his resume and was chosen for a Dynalectric internship, along with his classmate, Muad Siala. Alex has enjoyed some “on the ground” experience and learning more about the industry. He sees the Student Chapter Program as an excellent introduction for students who may have otherwise not known much about the specialty.

"Being involved in the NECA student chapter has been great. My connections with the Chapter opened the door to this internship with Dynalectric, where I worked on real projects with professionals in the industry. This work has given me insight into the electrical contracting business and skills I would never have gained sitting in class. It's this kind of experience that helped me get a good position in an electrical contracting firm."

Being an active member of a NECA Student Chapter pays back great benefits. One Construction Management student at the California Polytechnic State University - Samuel Almaraz - is the NECA Student Chapter President at Cal Poly. He recognizes that his involvement has helped him make the decision to focus on electrical construction as his career choice.

Almaraz recently reported back to ELECTRI on the success of the Costa Rica International Student Service Project.

“This was a great experience for our Cal Poly NECA Student Chapter. These projects are key to bringing students into the electrical construction industry. I was interested in alternative energy but had little opportunity to pursue it. Then, the ELECTRI International project came along. Working on the Costa Rica project was the turning point for me due to the research of Photovoltaic Systems and the hands on experience designing and building it.”

The Student Chapter’s goal is to create an even stronger connection between Cal Poly students and industry members. Almaraz explains,

“Allowing students to work on projects and allowing us to attend ELECTRI and NECA meetings and conferences will create a good relationship between current [contractor] staff and potential future staff [current students].”