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As of July 21, 2018

ELECTRI International has an open-door policy – reaching outward to make the electrical contracting industry as strong and well-prepared as possible.

Its research findings and best practices are used by contractors of every size and specialty who see the value in learning best practices from ELECTRI examples.

The education ELECTRI offers to industry contractors and their management teams makes them better professionals. Motivating the next generation of EC professionals is a hallmark of the Foundation’s Talent Initiative. Through NECA’s Student Chapters, ELECTRI supports professional-level competitions, volunteer service projects, and invaluable networking. The international focus of ELECTRI’s annual Cross-Border Meeting and the ELECTRI Council’s inclusion of contractors from other countries both demonstrate ELECTRI’s commitment to acting globally.  

"ELECTRI International stands out. The industry-wide impact of its work is important. Our contractors continuously use ELECTRI research findings to show our customers how life really works in the electrical construction industry."  

Don Campbell, Chapter Executive, Northern California Chapter NECA