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As of August 15, 2018

Having the right information in the right place at the right time is essential to a company’s success.

Clinton Beall, General Manager, B & D Industries, Inc., credits several ELECTRI International research studies for helping him prepare his staff for project management.

Beall reads each ELECTRI report thoroughly, and presents an executive summary to his division and regional managers and to the company’s executive management team. He then uses the ELECTRI findings to create training modules on projections, scheduling, ways to legitimize project delay claims.

When a claims situation arises, the B & D team is prepared with documents and records to support its numbers. Beall reports, “Using ELECTRI research to get us ready has helped our customers take us seriously when we come to the table. We’ve reached a resolution on a number of claims, recouping up to 80%. That means thousands of dollars back in our pocket. We are working on other claims and are confident that we will see the same level of results.”