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ELECTRI Associates

As of June 24, 2018

As of June 24, 2018

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Counselors ($50,000+)


  • AMERIC Foundation (Mexico)
  • Robert Egizii, EEI Holding Corporation
  • Thomas C. Halperin, Commercial Light Company - To honor Aaron Halperin and Robert Halperin
  • Michael Mazzeo, d., Michael Mazzeo Electric Corporation
Patrons ($25,000+)


  • Russell J. Alessi, ELECTRI International
  • Association of Electrical Contractors - In memory of A. David Yadlovker
  • Noel Bailey, N. G. Bailey Company
  • Marco de la Barrera Garcia, Bufete de Ingenierias Especializadas
  • D. N. Gardner, Hooper Corporation
  • John M. Grau, NECA
  • Richard Jardeen, Totem Electric of Tacoma, Inc.
  • Harold Leviton, Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • Edward C. Mattox, Inland Electric Corporation
  • Metropolitan Electrical Construction
  • New Mexico Chapter NECA
  • Kenneth and Doris Peltz, Pel-Bern Electric
  • Southern Tier Chapter NECA
  • Arthur M. Tieso, MN
  • UNCE - Union Nacional de Contructores Electromecanicos, A. C. (Mexico)
Sponsors ($10,000+)


  • James K. Baker, The Shade Tree Service Company
  • Timothy C. Black, Vista, CA
  • William G. Dale, Jr. Honorary Fund
  • Florida Gold Coast Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • F. Dennis Fuessel, Davenport Electric Contract Co.
  • Mel Kallenbach, Mel-Kay Electric Company
  • R. F. Kinney, All-Phase Electric Supply Company
  • Leviton Manufacturing
  • Lighthouse Electric Group
  • Kevin McKosky, Coastal Electric Construction Company
  • Robert J. Menicucci, ARC Management Company
  • Douglas H. Mills, Mills Electric Service, Inc.
  • MRM Electrical Communications, Inc.
  • Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP
  • Olson Electrical Group
  • Patraba Electrical Systems

    Patraba Electrical Systems



  • Keneath F. Robinson, Ken Robinson of Florida, Inc.
  • Saint Paul Foundation, on behalf of William A. Muska
  • D. L. Smith, D. L. Smith Electrical Construction
  • Southern Colorado Chapter NECA
Benefactors ($5000 +)


  • Michael Barth, Jr, Barth Foundation Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation
  • Stephen E. Chilton, Cache Valley Electric Company
  • Peter W. Doe, Doe & Associates, Inc.
  • Gulf Electric Company, Inc. of Mobile - In Tribute to Bernard Brooks, Jr.
  • Howard D. Hughes, Hughes Electric Company, Inc.
  • Diane R. Keltner, Synergy Electric Company
  • Allen A. Lindberg, The Lindberg Family Trust
  • J. Robert Mann, Jr., E-J Electric Installation Co.
  • William R. Miller, Miller Electrical Construction, Inc.
  • Oklahoma Electrical Supply Company
  • Peer Group 3 - In Honor of W. Terry Lindsay & Robet J. (Bob) Kaemmerien
  • Sidney Electric Company - In memory of Herbert Schlater
  • Flora and Herbert Spiegel - In memory of Alexander Berg
  • Trade Service Corporation
  • Vern H. Penning Memorial Fund
Donors (Up to $5,000)


  • Patrick A. Campbell, Commonwealth Electric Company
  • Richard E. Collier, Collier Electric - In memory of J. Everett Collier
  • Bill Collins, Collins Electric - In memory of Harold A. Webster and Paul M. Geary; In memory of Charles R. Fazio; In memory of George Hurwitz
  • Donald F. Collins, Collins Electric
  • Victor Douglass, Douglass Family Trust
  • J. W. Dunn, Jr., Dunn Electric Co.
  • A. S. Ferrari, A. S. Ferrari & Son, Inc.
  • Charles J. Hart, MD
  • F. J. Hoch, Industrial Electric - In memory of W. H. Hoch and H. J. Reeves
  • Idaho Electric League
  • Don W. Jhonson, Interior Electric, Inc.
  • Robert and Frieda Kaemmerlen - In memory of Charles J. Hart
  • Joseph B. Lachle, Sr, Lachle Electric Company
  • Hermon L. Milton, Buffalo Electric, Inc.
  • Leonard A. Nucero, Nucero Electrical Construction Co.
  • Robert L. Pfeil, d., - In memory of George E. Richardson, Jr.
  • George E. Richardson, Jr., IN
  • Geoffrey W. Robertson, American Travel Association, Inc.
  • Southern Region Managers Conference Districts III and V NECA
  • Thompson Electric, Inc.
  • Mike Tunge, Tunge Electric, Inc.