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As of June 24, 2018

The university community reports that ELECTRI funding of numerous projects at their institutions has impacted construction faculty member careers.

The available research dollars have re-focused academics and their students on companies and research topics relevant to the electrical industry. The academic community uses ELECTRI Research projects as part of the curriculum for their construction and engineering classes.

Dr. Awad Hanna, professor and chair of construction engineering and management program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently reported on the ways that ELECTRI has had an impact on his teaching.

"Through the knowledge acquired by EI funding, I was able to prepare and deliver 10 training seminars attended by approximately 10,000 NECA members ranging from company presidents to foremen for the last 15 years. I was able to publish close to 100 technical academic papers related to the electrical construction industry." "The impact of the Hanna/ELECTRI study Quantifying the Cumulative Impact of Change Orders for Electrical Contractors is substantial. I estimated the impact of this study to be in billions of dollars. I personally represented and used this study for cases that exceeded $1 billion, including international cases such as Copenhagen Metro’s “$850 million claim." "Contractors who implement my pre-construction planning study reported substantial increases in profit."

Dr. Matt Syal, professor for construction management at Michigan State University, has conducted several research studies for ELECTRI International and greatly values the impact of the Foundation's funding on his teaching programs.

"ELECTRI is among the best in terms of their organization, participation and commitment to research ( I have worked with 5 industry organizations).  It has brought a great understanding of the electrical contracting industry in my program and school."

Senior researchers appreciate the cross-fertilization of thinking that happens when the electrical industry and academics come together to solve problems.  ELECTRI Academic Liaison, Jerald Rounds, Ph.D., P.E., explains.

“Individual researchers gain solid grounding in construction issues and some have developed career-changing research agendas based upon their involvement with ELECTRI projects. Contractors recognize that they can resolve many long-term vexing problems by applying results determined through academic studies. The final products resulting from ELECTRI studies have been generally applicable across the broad construction industry. Equally impressive, the ELECTRI research model has been studied and adapted to meet the research needs of many other construction industry organizations and associations.” 

Professor Thomas E Glavinich, University of Kansas, has a significant portfolio of ELECTRI-funded research. He describes what ELECTRI has helped him accomplish.

"The most important impact that ELECTRI research has had on my career is allowing me to get to know and work with NECA members and chapters across the country. Being associated with ELECTRI research has also given me access to electrical manufacturers and distributors as well as the IBEW and NJATC. I have learned a lot about the business, technical, and construction aspects of the electrical contracting industry. This has made me a better teacher and engineer. ELECTRI research projects have given me the ability to explore new technologies and ideas that otherwise I may not have been able to study. The results of my ELECTRI research projects always make their way back into the classroom and I think benefit the students who are the future of our industry."